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Havnt had any time and my computer is not currently connected to a monitor.


If this looks bad, increase your screen resolution, if you dont know how to do that or are blind, then using a computer must be a painful and frustrating exercise in futility far far worse than whatever this site looks like. Also, use firefox. Otherwise the logo has a white background, which looks wrong. I could chnage it, but you should upgrade instead. The menus were making things insanely slow, so i turned them off. I might pre-render them or something back in later. Whatever.

Friends sites:

Soundispatch has updated their site. And the geminiac has that "with it" feeling the kids dig. Also glamor shots.

Since christmas is just around the corner, and Im such a holiday lover, I would spread the cheer and help people find gifts:

Gifts for that special someone.
What you need, when you need it.(With a jewish singles section!)

And whoever made this page seems to have an interesting reputation here.
I think its worth looking in to.

On a lighter note, eating my supermarket food, I have enjoyed nice letters from people:

 scrame.com- Sunglasses are for Assholes: feedback received 	
 to (scrame)
 email: vallejoamen@aol.com
 content: you suck big time...
 please dont post more stuff...
 i hope you are not in the design field
 scrame.com- Sunglasses are for Assholes: feedback received
 to (scrame)
 email: dcm@mos.com.np
 content: I am looking for very simple japanese girl 
 and would like to contact.
and, of course
 scrame.com- Sunglasses are for Assholes: feedback received
 to (scrame)
 email: mobi@mobinaki.com
 content: Dear Owners ,
 We know your company is engage in Fetish articles 
 and may some articles Import from other countries.
 We are also Manufacturing LEATHER FETISH articles,
 for having a little idea about our Products pls 
 visit our website as www.mobinaki.com/contact-us.htm   
 here you can find  FETISH LEATHER ARTICLES and 
 if you would like to developed more articles from 
 your designs ,you may send us your 
 Sample / Drawings / Specifications and we on return 
 offer you the best prices.
 Also we can offer you Fetish Medical Instruments.
 Pls inform us about your Future Stock Requirements.
 Best regards
 Director Production
 SIALKOT 51310
...these all came from the contact form over on the menu. People took the time to contact me personally about these matters, thinking for some reason that I care. Apparently they didnt read too much of it all.

Thank you, this makes it all worthwhile.

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